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Our Products


APP / AVF Series - Fully Pneumatic Piston Filler


Fully Automatic In-Line Volumetric Filling and Capping Machine


DFM Series - Drum Filling Machine


PFM - Pail Filling Machine

MFM - Margarine Filling Machine


AWFM Series - Automatic In-Line Weight Filling Machine


ACFM Series - Automatic In-Line Volumetric Filling Machine


AV / APV Series - Semi-Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine


AN and AG Series - Automatic Bagging Machine


Automatic Rotary Hot Melt Labeling Machine


Automatic Screw On Capping Machine (12 heads)


Beverage process packing line
Fully Automatic Tub Filling Sealing Lid - Click for Movie Clip
In-motion Check Weigher - Click for Movie Clip
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