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Our system/machines sold and installed in the regional countries like China, Cambodia, Egypt, Yemen, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore. Market covering…….


Food & Beverage - Click for Movie Clip
Hot fill line PET bottle:- 300-1500ml energy drink, juices, milk drinks, waters…
Bottle pack:- 0.5/1.0 gallon sugar syrup
Carboy pack: 5 Gallon sugar syrup
Carton pack:- 10-25kgs cocoa liquor, cocoa butter.
Bulk pack:- 500-1000kgs cocoa powder, cocoa cake, sugar syrup


Eddible Oils & Fats - Click for Movie Clip
PET Bottle pack:- 0.75, 1.0, 2.0 & 5.0L cooking oils
PET Jar pack:- 1.0 & 2.0kgs ghees
Tin can pack:- 2.0 & 3.0kgs ghees & margarine
Carton pack:- 10-25kgs shortening, margarine & special - Click for Movie Clip
PE& Laminated pack:- 100-250g, 0.5-1.0kg Cooking oils, margarine, rice & Sugar Click for Movie Clip


Skin Care Product
PET Bottle pack:- 50, 100, 250 & 300mL body lotion, skin care creams


HDPE Bottle pack:- 0.7/0.8, 1.0, 4.0, & 5.0L lubricants
Jerry can / pail:- 10-25kgs lubricants & grease
Barrel & Steel drum:- 200L lubricants & grease
IBC & Tote Tank:-1000 – 3000L lubricants
Valve Bag pack:- 10kg carbon black powder


Barrel & Steel/HDPE drum:- 200L flammable/non flammable liquid products - Click for Movie Clip
IBC & Tote Tank:-1000 – 1500L flammable/non flammable liquid products, Ultra pure liquid products
Road Tanker & ISO Tanker:- 15,000-20,000kgs additives

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